Black Color Silicone Butt Plug Set

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This set is perfect for beginners! It comes in 3 different sizes to allow for exploration. Best to start off with the small and work your way up. The shape makes it easy for insertion and the base allows for unwanted travels. The silicone feels will make it comfortable and pleasurable for your anal hole. 

Color: Black
Material: Silicone
Biggest Plug Length: 12.2 CM ( 4.81'' )
Biggest Plug Diameter: 3 CM
Medium Plug Length: 9.2 CM ( 3.63'' )
Medium Plug Diameter: 2.4 CM
Smallest Plug Length: 8 CM ( 3.15'' )
Smallest Plug Diameter: 2 CM

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Black Color Silicone Butt Plug Set

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